Individual Bowler Registration

All INDIVIDUAL bowlers will be assessed a $15 registration fee to participate.  Bowlers that are part of the Winning Experiences program, will be asked to support the organization by collecting PLEDGES.  Individual bowlers wil receive:

  • (1) SWAG bag
  • (1) $10 concession card to be used at Main Event concession
  • (1) hour of bowling on the Winning Experiences lanes

(5) Member Team Registration

Bowlers that choose to organize as a TEAM will receive all of the benefits of an INDIVIDUAL BOWLER, but will also receive the following benefits:

  • (1) Lane will be assigned to each team for (1) hour
  • Up to (5) people can be on a team
  • Each team member will receive a $10 Concession Card
  • Each team member will receive a Swag Bag
  • Each team will receive custom BOWLING PIN with team name
  • ALL teams will be recognized at the event for their support

Thank you in advance for your consideration to sponsor this event!  We know the value of every dollar, so your support of this inaugural event is monumental.  We look forward to a very engaging and exciting day with you at Main Event!

  •  Large company logo on Event T‐Shirts
  •  Large company logo on Event Bags
  •  Logo on display at event
  •  Company logo on Bowling PIN memorabilia
  •  Opportunity to put “swag” in the Swag Bag
  •  Recogni􀆟on in any online, radio, social media marke􀆟ng for the event
  •  Recogniton onsite the DAY OF the event
  •  (2) Free Bowling lanes for up to (10) people during the event

Requst More Info

  •  Company logo on Event T‐Shirts 
  •  Company logo on Event Bags 
  •  Company Logo on Bowling PIN memorabilia 
  •  Opportunity to put “swag” in the  Swag Bag 
  •  Website & social media recogniƟon 
  •  (1) free bowling lane for up to (5) people 

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  • Company logo on Swag Bag 
  • Company Logo on Bowling PIN memorabilia 
  • Website and social media recogniƟon 
  • Opportunity to put “swag” in the  Swag Bag 

Requst More Info

  • Company logo on snack table and promotional cups / napkins 
  • Company logo on Bowling PIN memorabilia 
  • Company logo on website

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