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Welcome to Winning Experiences
Winning Experiences (WE) offers enlightening cultural, educational and social opportunities that transform the way individuals perceive their abilities, possibilities & environments. WE encourage them to participate in creating positive changes which have lasting impact to improve their community’s value.

WE (Winning Experiences) Transform Thoughts.
WE (Winning Experiences) Transform Actions.
WE (Winning Experiences) Transform Communities.

Our Winning Experiences have a strong Civics foundation on which we’ve added Community Service, Physical & Financial Wellness, and Entertainment Activities to enhance the Quality of Life (QoL) for participants.

WE IDENTIFY needs within Communities, ESTABLISH relationships with Local Service Organizations, COLLABORATE with Content/Program Providers to connect a solution with the need, and MONITOR Project Implementation.
Effective citizens are informed, willing to listen for understanding, passionately clear in their communication, and inspire hope. WE ask participants to be critical thinkers, connect with others to empower their imaginations, and create the necessary plan of action to bring the possibilities to life.
Actions, more than words, show personal commitment. WE encourage participants to actively pursue their dreams and plans by providing access to enlightening cultural events, community enrichment projects, and interactive civics education activities designed to elevate their expectation for quality of life. 

Progress and change are made by those who show up. WE demonstrate the importance of active participation to effect positive change in our families, households, neighborhoods, schools, communities, and government by providing programs that build multiple generations of leadership and creative funding opportunities that support family bonding & community engagement.